Fujimax Instax Camera
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Fujimax Instax Camera

huaa NAK! NAK! NAK!! nak yang ni.... mak. beli kaann! rm 300 je!! waa ngat dulu nak beli lomo.. hmm x jadi.. nak ni!! nak ni jugak!! cantik nya warna biru!! putih.. pink.. waaaa


- White-Blue
- White-Pink (temporary out of stock!!!)
- Choco
- All White (temporary out of stock!!!)

White-Blue/ White-Pink
RM248.00 for camera alone
RM268.00 with 1 box of instax mini film

Choco/ All White
RM298.00 for camera alone
RM318.00 with 1 box of instax mini film

Package includes:
1. One(1) fuji instax mini 7s camera
2. Four(4) AA batteries
3. One(1) camera strap
4. English manual

Uses four(4) AA batteries

Instax mini film

- Instant camera = instant pictures (like polaroid)
- Credit card size pictures.
- Small, compact and easy to use.
- Has build in flash.

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