CiK ePAL Mmg IdoLA SeMuA..
Friday, June 24, 2011 @ 7:44 PM | 1 Comment [s]

ASSALAM.. aq respect btol la ngan cik epal.. ape yang dye post,, mesti mendapat sambutan hangat..i really support u from behind .. I enjoyed reading cikepal entry .. wah .. I feel like want to be like her.. cik epal.. you jadi artis je lah terus.. mesti popular.. mesti blogger semua sokong you.. I kind of want to be friends with her .. I think she is very funny .. I remember the entry about shaheizy sam .. hahahaa very funny .. i baca dan ketawa sam
pai tak hengat dunia.. memang dia cik epal gonjeng
.. like she said.. eh I have a question for you, cikepal .. your boyfriend does not get angry to the article youlike shaheizy sam tu ke?
tak pe.. kao dia marah.. you call me.. later-later we can waccha with him.. eh tapi sump
h you punye blog best.. hahaha keep it up.. luv u lah cik epal.. as a blogger.. memang hebat betul penangan cik epal.. who do not know about cik epal .. owh .. very sad .. to bloggers all .. if you want to be a bloggers .. I suggest you learn with cik epal .. tu pun kalo cik epal nak ajar korang laahh... saya ni just like a small ant.. she's like a elephant.. nak kata dye ni besar mcm gajah, x lah.. tpi.. cun melecun beb.. dah lah pandai blogging.. cun pulak th.. haiyaaakkk... so respect to you lah.. tabek spring!!!

cik epal memang best.. i salute you!!

followw her!! cik epal memang cun..

p/s: follow saye dulu sebelum follow dia.. hihihii

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